Thursday, June 30, 2011

Refashion: Summer Jean Revamp

My daughter is almost 11.
*Which means she is growing like a weed.*
We decided to re-do her favorite jeans into wearable summer wardrobe.

Favorite Black Jeans:
Cut off and rolled twice for the new capri look

Favorite Embroidered Hearts Jeans (Way too short):
Edges cut into a lovely scallop.
Then I used my machine to stitch hearts around
and a little hand sewing to embellish one of the legs.

Jeans that still fit but have a gaping hole in the knee:
I inserted a piece of fabric that matches her new shirt
(which I sewed using elastic thread around the top)

I also made the cute flower by cutting a pink flower out of the fabric, layering denim underneath, adding a double stack button and an alligator clip on the back so she can clip it where she wants. I made the straps long enough that if she wants me to in the future I can put a button in the back, but she likes the halter top look for now.

A very inexpensive "new" wardrobe for an ever growing girlie.

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  1. My daughter grew so much the year she was 11! I had to buy her new jeans 3 times because she grew in the hips as well as the legs! Great ideas for recycling some items! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo