Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grey, Yellow and white

I love gray, yellow and white combined.
I love yellow anyway,
maybe that is why I am so addicted to it right now.

For mother's day we got my mom one of the awesome double wall starbucks tumblers.
But I also snuck away to her sewing machine to make her a mother's day flower.
She can clip it anywhere....(I love the double button)
Then when I got home I realized I was really jealous of her flower
so I made my own.
See similar, but different.
I already had a front door wreath planned.
And I had just enough fabric left over from the flowers to tackle it.
I braided the strips of fabric
then wove them in and out of the heart shape wreath I snagged at HL.
Then I made some rolled fabric roses,
tucked a button and a pearl in the big one for bling
I painted my "D" with yellow paint,
then painted just the top with Tim Holz crackle paint in white.
I loved the aged look of the D (even though the picture isn't very clear)
Here she is in her glory. I love the heart shape can be used clear into the spring.
And the white "D" just pops off the gray and yellow color.

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