Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Napkin Wreath

Using these tutorials:
two cute packs of napkins from my T store
wire ties from my bread bags
an oversized embroidery hoop I paid a couple of bucks for at my Thrift store
Strip of White fabric to make the bow

and this is what my march mantel looks like:

Life's Attitude

After creating a canvas print for my mom
(and totally selfishly wanted to keep it for myself)
I knew I needed to create one for my spring mantel look.
As you can see I had a canvas blank and ready for creating.
It speaks:
Our Attitude Towards Life Determines Lifes Attitude Towards Us
Here are some close ups of the progress.
I started with Lime and Teal stripes.
Added some bright red flowers, gesso printing and polka dots.
Finished off with a loverly cracked paint
And pealed off the contact letters.

And I love
that it is a constant reminder for my little family
to live our lives positively!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cottage Rules

To celebrate my mother's birthday this week,
I created this quaint sign for her to hang in her guest cottage.
I wanted to use colors that are fresh and clean
teal and red started the base:

(I started with a 12 x 20 blank canvas)
After my imperfect stripeys were dry I played around
with white gesso, adding stripes and polka dots.
I figured out the words
and cut them out onto contact paper
with various fonts on my cricut.
Making sure that the letters were smoothed down well,
I then painted over the whole board with
elmers white glue...
and then super quick I painted it with an ivory white color.

Then I waited about 10 minutes and peeled off the contact letters.
As the paint/glue dried the magic emerged.

It turned out better than I could have imagined.
Happy Birthday MOM!